Welcome to the official website of photographer N. Jay Jaffee.
“With N. Jay Jaffee, the quest for meaning—for the communicable truth before his lens—has been part of a search for self-identity. He is an autobiographical photographer, recording images of his ambient city and beyond, probing what has moved him. Possibly in consequence, his photographs are free and unmannered, unconstrained by program or attitude. They suggest a reaching out, and they invite us likewise to see and to question with an innocent eye. Jaffee manages with apparent ease man and landscape, architecture and seascape, the intimate and the abstract, the momentary and the timeless.”
-Gene Baro, Curator of Inward Image: Photographs of N. Jay Jaffee, Brooklyn Museum, 1981


                                         Self Portrait, 1991

Each gallery contains a collection of N. Jay Jaffee photographs. Check back often, as the site is continually updated. To purchase or license images, contact us.

Brooklyn: An Era Past

The 35 photographs of “An Era Past” are of Brownsville and East New York, Brooklyn, from 1947–1956. N. Jay Jaffee printed a limited edition of portfolios in 1995. For more about the photographs, see "An Era Past" and "Reflections: My Early Photographs" essays.

Brooklyn: Additional Photographs

In addition to the Brownsville and East New York neighborhoods featured in "An Era Past," N. Jay Jaffee photographed the people and places throughout Brooklyn. From Coney Island to Brooklyn Heights to downtown Brooklyn, his images captured the unique vitality, diversity, and history of the borough that every generation re-discovers. To find out more, read the essays "An Era Past" and "Reflections: My Early Photographs."

In Focus: NYC

His lifelong love affair with New York City—the good, the bad, the ugly—led N. Jay Jaffee on a photographic journey through its bustling streets, lonely alleys, iconic markets, buildings, and storefronts. Yet, as every New Yorker knows, it is the people that are the heart of the city. From the reflective to the passionate, the tragic to the humorous, these images express the artist’s unique understanding and appreciation of the city he called home.

Landscapes & Seascapes

Although N. Jay Jaffee is best known for his photographs of people and cityscapes, he also loved nature. From the lush forests and streams of upstate New York, to the magnificent Point Lobos, California, to the beautiful Cape Cod seashore, to the dogwood trees in his own backyard, he provided new perspectives on the natural world.

Selected Photographs

In addition to each online “gallery,” organized by subject or theme, these photographs also reveal N. Jay Jaffee’s range of styles, locations, and skills.

War, Peace, & Social Justice

N. Jay Jaffee was deeply committed to progressive causes. He worked to organize workers, marched for peace, civil rights, and economic equality. Although all of his photographs reflected his beliefs, these images portray particular events, observations, and experiences that expressed his worldview.